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Ms Becky's Class - Toddler 3

We got the New Year off to a great start in Toddler 3! Our first topic was "New Year, New You." We talked about healthy habits and did lots of exercise. The children really enjoyed all the dancing that we did in Music and Movement. They loved dancing with the teachers and each other! We also incorporated new active songs into our daily routine.

We put a fun spin on Potty Training with our next theme, "Potty Party." We read lots of fun books about potty training, including a class favorite, Duck Goes Potty. We also sang some fun Potty songs. Some of the children were inspired to give it a try!

Next, we focused on Dinosaurs. The children absolutely loved it! We read lots of cool books about dinosaurs and identified some favorites. The children also loved playing with dinosaurs in the sensory table. There were plenty of dinosaurs, "dinosaur eggs," and magnifying glasses to go around.

For the rest of the month, we learned about Community Helpers. This topic was also a "kid favorite." Firefighters were among the favorite Community Helpers. We listened to a new song called "Fire Truck" and read lots of books about Community Helpers.

We had an awesome January, and we can't wait to see what February brings!

Ms. Becky

Ms. Estefania


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