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Ms. Chauntel & Ms. Madison's Class - Toddler 2

Hello, Parents!

Let me start by saying that It has been amazing working with your kiddos, and we thank each of you for trusting us with your babies! Since this month was our opening of the Toddler 2 classroom, we’ve been working on classroom schedules, consistency, and routines. Some examples are hand washing routines, group time routines, using soft hands with our friends, cleaning up when we are finished playing, etc. It has been a great start, and Madison (Assistant Teacher) and I are enjoying the opportunity to work with your children.

This coming month, we are going to focus on how to use our words if we want or need something. We will be practicing simple sign language to help the children understand how to communicate their needs. We will practice simple signs for "more milk”, “eat", “all done”, etc. I will attach a link for you to work with your children on simple signs at home as well! The more interaction your child gets with sign language, the quicker they will be able to communicate effectively at home and while at school.

Thank you, and as always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me at

Ms. Chauntel & Ms. Madison


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