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Ms Courtney & Ms Becca's Class - Preschool

Hello, Everyone!

In the preschool classroom, we have continued to learn about trees. We have talked about how they change colors, the different parts of trees and their functions, how to take care of trees (not ripping off the bark and branches), and why they are important to our environment. We have been challenging the class' problem solving, math, and science skills by conducting age appropriate experiments. In class we used sticks, observed leaf patterns, made graphs, and talked about tree types. On our field trips, we have had a lot of fun climbing, exploring, running, drawing, and rolling down hills.

Looking into the upcoming weeks, we plan to wrap up our lesson on trees. Our class has not yet decided what to move on to next. As the teacher, I am looking to see what their interests are. As the weather continues to be the perfect temperature for exploring, we will keep having field trips. We will also continue to have science experiments to learn about making hypotheses. I have included one of the class’ favorite things to make recently, and it’s very simple to create at home, too!

Cave Slime:

-One cup of soap

-Two cups of corn starch

-Mix and enjoy!

Ms. Courtney & Ms. Becca

Ms. Courtney & Ms. Becca


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