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Ms Courtney & Ms Becca's Class - Preschool

Hello, Families!

It is crazy how fast this year as flown by at Ivy Academy Owasso/Sperry. In the preschool classroom, we studied a wide variety of topics and used each to develop personal skills, social skills, kindergarten readiness, responsibility, emotional regulation, and a joy for learning. Here are just a few of the highlights:

- We began the year with getting comfortable with the routine of the day, our classmates, our teachers, and the room:

- We explored the life cycle of caterpillars firsthand, beginning with eggs, and ending with the release of butterflies. We learned how to carefully care for the caterpillars throughout their life cycle and even built some habitats for them. We practiced waiting our turn to see them and read books about their development.

- We continued exploring more creepy crawlies including bugs, worms, crawdads, and anything else we could find on the playground or during a field trip. We practiced getting outside our comfort zone for those who did not particularly enjoy bugs and being gentle for those who did like bugs. We used magnifying glasses and journals to make observations.

- Next, we learned about farm animals and practiced taking care of our friends the way animals care for each other. We worked on being kind, sharing, and cleaning up. We worked on identifying emotions and their causes by reading facial expressions. We talked about different names for animals in groups, as babies, and as adults. We even practiced hygiene by cleaning the animals and our hands.

- Our last major topic was fall time trees. We used our journals to graph different tree-related topics, took field trips, climbed trees, used magnifying glasses, and read books about trees.

Behind each topic we covered, intentional moments were made for personal growth and development, specific to each child. This intentionality will continue into the upcoming year as we tackle more topics and soak up a variety of information.

Happy New Year!

Ms. Courtney & Ms. Becca

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