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Ms Courtney's Class - Preschool

Hello from Pre-K! With the sudden surprise of summer temperatures heating up, the weather has thus brought many exciting ventures! We have witnessed some amazing wildlife firsthand. We watched as a turtle laid eggs in her nest. Now, we cannot wait to watch them hatch in August. Recently, we have seen baby creatures like tadpoles and caterpillars. We have also gotten to see how seeds grow by planting our own veggie garden and by watching mulberries growing on trees. Inside our classroom has been equally adventurous. The class has had to say goodbye to a few friends since school is just around the corner. We have also welcomed in a new child, and we will continue to welcome in more soon. Moving forward, we are going to keep observing and enjoying our garden, caterpillars, and turtle eggs. If you want to see the latest pictures and witness all the different stages of change, make sure to keep up with KidReports. We will also be working on maintaining our schedule as new friends join us. Schedules help kids feel stable and safe since their environment is more predictable when they know what to expect next. Water play will be a central theme to our time outside as it offers coolness, sensory experience, and the chance to share.

Ms. Courtney


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