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Ms Courtney's Class - Preschool

I hope you all have been enjoying the summer weather like we have here! The children have found so much joy in exploring our playground, and we have made such exciting discoveries! Unfortunately, our garden did not work out. We did, however, successfully hatch a couple of caterpillars into butterflies. The children were present when the first butterfly emerged, and they were enamored by the whole experience, seeking more knowledge to better understand how the butterfly developed.

We have been working on being responsible in the Preschool room. Part of that responsibility has been to take care of nature and the things we find in nature. The children have been working towards mastery in caring for insects and frogs while on the playground.

Mud Day was a hit for the whole school this year! Preschool enjoyed the shaving cream and bubble water. If you have not seen pictures yet, make sure to scroll back through KidReports or check out the featured photos in the newsletter.

Multiple children are joining, will be joining, or are leaving the Preschool room soon. These new changes will bring different obstacles along the way, but it is nothing that we won’t get through together. To the ones leaving, thank you so much for the opportunity to love on your child, the chance to educate them, and for letting me be a part of their journey. To the ones joining, I cannot wait to get to know your families and your children, and I am excited to join them on the adventure to school readiness.

“When you know better, you do better.” –Maya Angelou

Ms. Courtney


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