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Ms Debra's Class - Toddler 2

Greetings to all our families! I hope you had a good first month of the year. ​

The kids enjoyed learning about opposites during circle time in January, including show me loud/quiet and wiggle/hold still. Not only did this introduce them to the idea of opposites, but this also helped them to learn to move in certain ways and to follow simple directions.

We also started talking about emotions and friends. As we learn about emotions and friends, we will read books, do art and other activities with friends, and even do art to several types of music such as calm or exciting music. We will be putting out pictures of kids showing different emotions including happy, sad, angry, tired, and disappointed with mirrors and will encourage the kids to identify the emotions and to try to make the same face while looking in a mirror. ​

If you have not brought us any photos, would you please bring in a photo or two or email them to us so we can print them and laminate them to put up for the kids to see and touch? The kids love seeing pictures of their families and pets. This also helps the kids to have a connection to family while at school, as well as providing a chance to talk with teachers and friends about who is in the photos and building symbolic thinking as they recognize people, objects, and animals in the pictures.​

Miss Debra & Miss Angela​

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