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Ms Debra's Class - Toddler 2

Greetings to all our families!

The kids enjoyed learning about emotions in February, including looking at photos that show different emotions, naming the emotion expressed, and trying to show that emotion by imitating the expression seen.

The kids have been enjoying playing with playdough, especially all the activities they did with it on Dough Day such as making land and sea scenes and helping to make playdough.

In March we will be learning about animals. We will make animal sounds, match animals to their picture, read books about animals both with drawings and photos of animals, and look/listen for animals outside. We will also be working on building math skills which includes saying numbers, understanding quality such as knowing if there are 1, 2, or more; spatial awareness (on, under, by, in); and shape recognition. As children enter their toddler and early preschool years, a topic that will come up is potty training which can become a difficult task if the child is not physically and mentally ready to use the potty. When to begin the process is something that all parents and caregivers will face. I want to share with you a few statements from Toilet Learning, a Distance-Learning Care Course. “From the child’s perspective, toilet learning is much less important as a developmental milestone than learning to crawl, walk, jump, ride a wheeled toy, feed oneself, or perform any number of other small motor tasks. . . Changing children’s diapers promptly when they are wet or soiled will help children get used to feeling clean and dry, and it is fine for you to point out how nice it feels to be clean and dry. . . The timing of a child’s toilet learning in no way reflects the child’s intelligence or ability to achieve in other areas. Readiness and success in toilet learning depend on the individual child’s physiological ability to control his or her bowels and desire to use the potty.”

Ms. Debra


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