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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

In January, Ms. Emily had her baby boy, and I (Ms. Riley) took over for her. The kids were excited to find out that Emily had her baby! I am having so much fun taking over and being master teacher temporarily with these awesome kiddos. We are just getting in a new routine without Ms. Emily being here, and we are doing lots of music and movement, learning our colors and shapes, and learning how to count. We love playing with Legos and building different houses and buildings, and we are practicing our colors as we go. One of T4's favorite things right now is turning the lights off and having a dance party! We do songs like “Animal Action” where you learn how to act and sound like different animals, and the movement medley asks you to walk, tiptoe, run, jump, and all sorts of different movements.

In February, we will have a Valentine's Day party. When it is closer to that time, I will hang up a sign-up sheet for snacks. On the 19th, we will be having a "Dough Day" at the center. We will play with different kinds of dough with one being space dough! It is made with flour and baby oil, it is super soft, and the kids love to play with it and manipulate it into different shapes.

We have lots of fun stuff planned, and I can't wait to do it all with these awesome kiddos. If you have any questions or concerns during Emily's absence, feel free to call or ask for me (Riley) at pick-up or drop-off.

I'm very excited for this time!

Ms. Riley


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