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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from the Toddler 4 classroom!

We have been exploring literacy and communication skills this month. We have been enjoying books and reading them in different environments. We have been reading in different centers as well as outside in this beautiful weather. We are so excited to take advantage of this weather and enjoy activities outside. We have also been working on our communication skills, and we are building on those skills as we play with others as well as communicate with peers and teachers. It is important to help children find their voice and be able to express their wants and needs.

We have also been busy learning about different vehicles we see in the community. The children love watching the different trucks and buses drive by while we are on the playground, so we have been expanding on that in the classroom as we read books and play with different vehicles. We love watching the children learn new skills every day.

As we move into the next month, our focus will turn towards mathematics. We will be busy counting and learning our shapes as well as understanding spatial awareness and how our body relates to things around us. Some things that we will do in the classroom to facilitate this development will include counting different objects, placing different shapes around the classroom and having discussions about what those shapes are as well as different objects that have the same shape (this biscuit is the shape of a circle), and using vocabulary that relates to spatial awareness such as behind, in front of, next to, etc. We encourage you to use these simple activities at home to help your children learn different mathematical concepts. Together we are building some great minds, and I am so thankful to be able to facilitate in the development of these wonderful children!

We are excited what the new month has in store for our classroom and cannot wait to learn new things every day!

Miss Emily


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