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Ms Josy's Class - Infants

Hello, Infant Class Families!

This past month has gone by fast as we closed down the room for a couple of weeks and then had a lovely break around Christmas. I am hopeful with our time away from the classroom, that we give our bodies time for rest and recovery. Did you know an adult body needs an average of 7-9 hours of sleep a night? A baby’s body and developing mind needs about 10-12 hours of sleep a night with naps during the day.

For this month of January, we are focusing on messy play and sensory stimulation. This means I will prepare and provide activities for your baby to explore their sense of smell, touch, sight, hear, and taste. These activities are 100% safe, non-toxic, and supervised with educator guidance.

An activity I intend to provide is a simple sensory bag activity. I will prepare this activity with a sealed ziplock bag of paint. This activity stimulates touch, sight, and different sounds. Here is how to do the activity:

1. Hold in your hand any kind of ziplock bag.

2. Add any kind of non-toxic child safe content to the bag (non-toxic paint, a soft banana, crunchy leaves, etc. Fill the bag just under halfway.

3. As you seal the bag, you can make it even more secure by applying a long piece of tape along the seal.

4. Sit on the floor while you hand the sensory bag to the child. As you watch them explore the bag, ask them questions about the activity, such as, “What does that feel like? You see that paint? Can you shake the bag?”

During this activity, there are many things going on in your child’s brain. They are making connections while exploring their new kind of touch and exploring the question of ‘How can I get that out of there?”

The sensory bag activity is a fun anywhere activity. You can prep a couple sensory bags and keep them in a cabinet or drawer at your home or in your on-the-go bag. During this season, we are experiencing our own kind of sensory stimulation, especially when we have snow fall from our sky. Snow cleans our air, giving us a different type of smell when we go outside, along with touch, sight, and taste for those of us who taste clean snow.

Thank you for everything you do as parents and for working patiently with us. We greatly appreciate you!

Ms. Josy & Ms. Jordan

Infant Class


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