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Ms Josy's Class - Infants

Hello, Infant Class Families!

Welcome to February of 2021! I appreciate everyone staying healthy and coming to school every day. ​

This month we are practicing appropriate hand washing, teeth/gum brushing hygiene. Washing hands often can dry out our skin, but it's no excuse to ignore those germs which we gather every day during our play. Do you have a song you sing when washing yours or your baby’s hands? While washing your baby’s hands in class, I like to sing any words related to hand washing and to any fun tune that comes to mind.

To help your baby practice hand washing and develop some independent skills, I will provide them with some water play. This activity is so easy, you can do it at home before bath time or for play on the weekend. This activity does require your full supervision. It uses a shallow bowl, bucket, or tub to hold water and a washcloth.

  • Fill the tub with just a little bit of water, enough to just barely cover the bottom. (The less water, the less drying it up.) Easy clean-up for you.

  • Dress your baby in their water play clothes or undress down to their diaper, whichever they and you prefer. ​

  • Set 2 washcloths next to the tub of water. ​

  • Then you sit next to the tub, pick up the washcloth, dip it into the tub, then wipe your hands. Let baby come to the tub of water. ​

  • You are modeling hand-wiping with the wet washcloth. This activity is safer without soap as baby is most likely to drink the water and/or get it in their eyes. ​

  • Follow your baby’s lead on the length of their attentiveness in this activity. ​

  • This activity is fun for your baby’s sense of touch with water and healthy for them in their practice for good hygiene. ​

Thank you for everything you do as parents and working patiently with us. We greatly appreciate you.​

Mrs. Josy & Ms. Jordan​


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