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Ms Priscilla & Ms Kimy's Class - Infants

Hello from the Infant Room!

June has been a busy month! The rain has let up, and we have been able to enjoy more outside time. The babies love feeling the grass and playing in the sandbox. This month we are continuing to work on and build new skills. For the littles, we are working on rolling over and sitting up; for our older infants and toddlers, we are working on walking and climbing as we explore our world.

I would really like to encourage you to bring in family photos if you have not done so already - the infants really enjoy seeing pictures of their family during the day.

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There are so many things to do outdoors. And if a baby is cozily bundled up, a nap on a screened porch is a refreshing change - even in cooler weather.

Physical Development

Lawns and other safe outdoor spaces are wonderful places to set babies down on their stomachs so they can observe from close range ants busily crawling, grass moving, grasshoppers leaping, buttercups all yellow and dainty. This arrangement will also give babies opportunities to push up from their bellies and strengthen their arm muscles. Be sure to bring along wet wipes, as babies love to squeeze dirt in their fingers. At the same time, you can help them understand that they may squeeze, touch, and sniff but may not eat many of the earthy materials outdoors.


A seesaw is more fun when a peer participates. Going up and down a slide is more exciting when a few children run, run, run to climb to the top and share one another's exhilaration. Outdoor playtime provides excellent opportunities to help children learn to take turns and to share activities.

Playing Outside

Playground equipment offers exercise that challenges growing toddler muscles - pushing on swings and seesaws, climbing steps before swooping down the slide. Outdoors, toddlers learn to trust their bodies as they attempt more and more kinds of movement. A well-equipped playground not only enhances this physical well-being but also gives children newfound appreciation of how their bodies move in space. Outdoor play helps toddlers gain confidence as their competence and agility grow.

I hope everyone has a great month of July and gets to enjoy some outdoor time with their children.

Ms. Priscilla & Ms. Kimy


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