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Ms Rebekah's Class - Preschool

We are enjoying the summer in the Pre-K class! We have welcomed some new friends from Ms. KK’s class, and we love playing in the water. We are taking really good care of the garden and are enjoying watching all the plants grow. We have a new dramatic play center and a doctor’s office, so the children have been fixing broken bones and taking care of all the “sick” children. The children have also been working hard on creating artwork and Father’s Day cards and gifts.

In the coming weeks we will be learning about homes, how they are built, and the different types of homes. We could use some recyclable materials such as boxes, paper towel tubes, Pringles cans, small wood scraps, etc., to build our own homes in the classroom. We are working on rhyming words, letter recognition, and math skills such as counting, sorting, and creating patterns. We are also reading books and having discussions about going to big school since many of the children will be transitioning to big school in the fall.

Ms. Rebekah


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