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Ms Stormee's Class - Infants 2

Hello to all from Infant 2!

I'd like to recap February and tell you a little about the wonderful learning experiences we have had. We had our first big snow of the year, and while we were unable to take the infants out in the snow, we instead brought the snow to them. This provided a great opportunity for sensory play. The infants were able to see, smell, touch, and yes, a few even tasted the snow. Some liked it more than others, of course. Last month we also participated in Dough Day. The infants were able to squish play dough with their hands and some with their feet. Sensory play is a very important part of your infant’s development, and by using their senses, infants are able to make sense of their bodies and the world around them.

With that being said, we are excited for March and the wonderful things that come along with it, such as warmer weather and the smells of Spring! This month we will be focusing on building language and literacy skills according to The Creative Curriculum Book for Infants, Toddlers & Twos by Diane Trister Dodge, Sherrie Rudick, and Kai-lee Berke. Infants need you to offer intentional experiences every day in order for them to acquire the building blocks of language and literacy. These include experiences that enable children to acquire vocabulary and language skills, hear the different sounds and rhythms of language, and enjoy books and stories. We will be doing lots of reading and talking to the children as we go about our day so that we may help expand their vocabulary!

As always, thank you for allowing us to care for your precious little ones!

Ms. Priscilla & Ms. Deb


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