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Ms Trista's Class - Early Preschool

We are excited to open our new classroom and welcome new friends. For the month of November, the class has been working on rules, routines, and consistency. Having a daily routine for children is very important because it helps children understand the balance between enjoyable tasks such as play and functional tasks such as brushing their teeth. When a child has a predictable daily routine, it reminds them that they are in a secure, loving environment. Rules are a natural part of life, and having guidelines helps kids learn how to manage in different situations. Rules provide the framework for children to understand what is expected of them at home, with friends, and at school. We will continue to work on rules and routines every day to help when new friends join our class.

For the month of December, we will be working on sharing and how to be kind to our friends. Sharing is a vital life skill. Sharing teaches children about compromise and fairness. They learn that if we give a little to others, we can get some of what we want as well. Children who share also learn how to take turns, how to negotiate, and how to cope with disappointment. It is vital that we provide opportunities for children to show compassion and care. When children have opportunities to tangibly experience these emotions firsthand, they will learn because we learn by doing, and the children will learn to be kind by being kind. Below are a few of the rules we are learning as a classroom.

Our Rules

Walking Feet/ Nice Hands/ Kind Words/ Looking Eyes/ Listening Ears

Also, I have attached some links about the importance of providing routine and rules.

Ms. Trista


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