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Ms Tuyet's Class - Preschool 2

Hello, Preschool 2 Families!

I wanted to thank our families for bringing in some goodies for our Halloween Party. Even though we couldn’t have our families present, the children still had a fun time. The children really enjoyed dressing up and sharing their costumes with their classmates.

Last month we learned about how apples and pumpkins grow. The children were able to use their senses to explore the inside of apples and pumpkins. The children used teamwork to slice up various apples and put them in our crockpot, so we could make homemade applesauce.

For the month of November, we will be talking about friendship and being thankful. The children will be doing activities that will promote how to be kind to each other and how we can be good friends. For example, we will be making friendship bracelets for each other. I would love for our families to continue the discussion at home by talking about how we can be kind and thankful to our families.

Just a reminder, with the colder weather coming, please make sure to bring in appropriate jackets. We still go outside even when it’s chilly out. We appreciate our families for all that they do, and we value what they do to help promote positive and healthy children.

Ms. Tuyet


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